The Artist

I'm Peter Nanasi, I was born in Budapest in Hungary.
I continue the family tradition by my art, because my mother is an enamel and graphic artist. She started to teach me drawing, and later painting, and when I was just 14 years old, I had an exhibition as talented young atrist in the Budapest Gallery. My painting (a still-life) was prize-winner.
After this success I started to paint more seriously, and I had a lot of group and individual exhibitions. After I finished art school, I got painter and painter restorer degree. But not just art was my only interest when I was young, I loved sport and animals. I graduated in the Hungarian University of Physical Education and after school I got my first sleddogs and we started the trainings together, that means my dream came true, I combined sport and animals. I love my dogs and sleddog sport or how we say mushing, so I started to paint my dogs, my team, one moment of a race, and these paintings became an unforgettable remembrance in my life. Thatís what I would like to share with you, who love your dog or dogs, share my art to remind you of your favourite.


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