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You are currently standing at the gate of Péter Nánási's gallery. Do not hesitate to look around. Meet the artist and view his works in the gallery. Click on the paintings to see them better, and under the picture you should see the title and the size.

The best present for your family!

Unique, eternal, beautiful and a great surprise. Give a painting, a "forever life" present!
Check the gallery, there you can see the ready paintings and arts by Péter Nánási.

Surprise your family or friends, present a painting about their favourite dog for high days.

Dog portraits, small wood arts and lucky medals for sale in the Gallery.
Order now! If you order a painting you'll get a lucky medal for FREE.

Do You really want a unique gift for birthday or anniversary? Wonderful landscapes painted on wood.


Gallery/Dog portrait


Gallery/Dog&face portrait


Gallery/Lucky medals

lucky medals

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